Bizlight demo content is available now.

Here, you can find the demo content XML file to download. Install this plugin for uploading XML content to your website: Like what you see on our demo? Quickly replicate your site like our demo setup (it is erasable). Then you just need to replace the images and text. All done! Let us know […]

How to change label “Welcome to bizlight” in Bizlight Pro Theme?

Well, you can directly go to this theme documentation page and follow the instructions: OR Go to Admin’s Panel Appearance -> Customize Section. From Customize section, go to Home/Front Featureb) d Slider. From Home/Front Featured Slider, you will be able to select various options. In the intitial, you have to check Enable Slider On […]

How to remove date , author and previous/next links in eVision Corporate Pro Theme?

Well, if you follow the instructions below, it would help you in removing the links in the website. 1. Firstly, create a Child Theme and activate it. Reference link: to create a Child Theme. 2.Copy the files from theme folder, content-single.php (location: /template-parts/content.php )and single.php (location: theme root folder ) into your child theme […]

How can I change the button text in Bizlight Theme?

Well, to change the button text you have to do some code customization. ‘featured-main-hook.php’ file inside ‘inc\hooks\featured-slider’ is the one where you will have to customize at line 114. Note: Child theme is recommended for code customization. Or you can also hire a customizer for this to create a professional child theme of Bizlight. […]

Is there any possible to add multiple photos for eVision Corporate theme? 

Well, regarding the multiple images, there is only 2 slider options in free version of theme, if you want to increase, you have to create a child theme: and set it up in the core files otherwise, you can easily purchase our PRO version of eVision theme by visting this preview demo: where you can add unlimited […]