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    Rationalization that leads directly to the two great xxxseximg nude institutions of the new economy: contract law and bureaucratic administration. The characteristic of this philosophy nude will affirm weber of greed is the ideal of the honest man worthy of credit and especially the idea of an obligation on the part of the individual against the interest of increasing his capital. The ends justify the means. Intentional rational action is placed as a function of profit. But the profit that produces long-term results. Saving and investment are threads within the general framework of a whole worldview focused on accumulation xxxseximg as a sign of religious salvation. For weber, earning money nude represents the result and expression of virtue at work, that is, conventional morality and religious belief converge in a perception of profit as a collective virtue. It is not strange in this sense that later utilitarianism was a philosophical substitution of protestant ideals in anglo-saxon societies. Well, weber tries to replace the arian scheme of superstructure infrastructure with an understanding at the level of the meaning xxxseximg of human action. Marx considered that it is the economic-productive conditions that cause a set of types of explanations masking the deep and underground interests that operate in such material conditions. However, in marxian theory there is no simplified or mechanistic approach. On the contrary, the concept of ideology encompasses a multiplicity of direction that goes from the knowledge of common sense to its conversion into processes of collective alienation, understanding the meaning of alienation in its hegelian complexity, since it is nothing more than a false objectification of personality due to conditions exteriors that escape the individual’s own will as stated in the famous text of the contribution to the critique nude of political economy. Weber, unlike marx, tries xxxseximg to give significance the historical driving force. It is the weltanschauung worldviews.The need to enrich yourself through profession carries a huge component of discipline. It is precisely discipline that is the axis of the capitalist rationalization of nude the world. And with this affirmation the planes of belief and motivation are methodologically connected with the xxxseximg planes of economy and production.

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