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    Well, it’s an obvious fact that getting paid begins with an invoice. But, what’s tricky is how you generate, send, and collect on that invoice. There are many small businesses that use accounting software like Intuit’s QuickBooks Online (QBO). It helps automate and solve problems like being unable to send invoices in QuickBooks. However, if you’re a QuickBooks user, you’ve most likely found that there’s some configuration required before you can send an invoice. To help you with that, here we have mentioned the steps required to create invoice in QuickBooks Online:
    1. Click + New and Invoice to create a new invoice.
    2. Select a customer and enter customer email (if not already entered).
    3. After that, mention all the necessary information for Product/Service, Description, QTY, Rate, Amount, and Tax.
    4. Further, enter an invoice message and click on Save and send.
    We hope the above steps would have surely helped you create invoices in QuickBooks online and further assist you in resolving issues like unable to send invoices in QuickBooks. Moreover, if you need any further assistance, we would suggest you to get in touch with our experts.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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