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    This is the common quotation over a specific device used all over the world. Yes, you are right. I am talking about mobile phone. Also known as cellular phone, hand phone, land phone. By using the device, we can communicate easily all over the world through voice call or video call. Mobile phone has made our life easier by its multiple fascinating services. The users of mobile phones are increasing day by day for the Mobile Bazar of mobile phone because now everyone can check Phone price in Bangladesh easily.
    “The users of the mobile phone are increasing day by day also new mobile phone company come to market that’s why general users are in big confusion. Peoples hope this phone is good but when he meets another company he hopes this is better than first. It is a big harassing situation. Don’t worry! MobileBazar collect all real data; update price, Brand information, features, reviews, and rating to identify a good mobile phone. MobileBazar’s information should help to understand what mobile phone’s features are better than others. Now we are describing “How the Mobile Phones are changing the Modern Era”. Have a look below:
    At first, Martin Cooper invented the mobile phone on a Motorola prototype in 1973. After the passage of time mobile phone has brought the beneficial evolutionary change of the world. By wireless communication system mobile phones connect the entire world at near at hand.

    1. Keep us in a Circle
    All over the world mobile phones have kept all the people in a circle. By the services of voice call, video call, text, email, Internet access we are all connected. The mobile networking system has connected us in a circle. We can communicate in the rest of the world by this device.
    2. Audio and Video Conferencing
    We can communicate with each other all over the world through the mobile phone by audio and video conferencing. The apps used for the video conference are as follows
    1. Skype
    2. Imo
    3. Messenger
    People can attend their important meetings by the video conferencing process. And also the patient can communicate with foreign doctors for getting better remedy.
    3. Data Transformation
    We can transfer our important portable and non-portable data all over the world. Through the email mobile phone transfer thousands of data over the world within a second. The letter sending process was very lengthy but now within a second we can transfer our important information by turning a send button on the mobile phone.
    4. Entertainment Purposes
    All the recreational elements are given by the mobile phone. By using mobile phones, we can listen to music, watch the favorite movie shows, even we can play our favorite games on the mobile phone. In the leisure time we can go through an interesting content or book over the mobile phone.
    5. Up-to-date Information
    The mobile phone gives us the updated information. By searching on the Internet we are able to know the updated information. By scrolling the mobile phone, we are able to know the recent occurrence that is happening in the world.
    6. Millions of Utilities
    The mobile phone comprises the alarm, reminder, calendar, calculator, flashlight and many more applications. By using the phone camera, we can capture our remarkable events. The MobileBazar of mobile phones has increased the utilities of mobile phone. As a developing country the Phone price in Bangladesh 2021 is affordable for people. That makes the life of people easier. That’s why beside Bangladesh the utilities of mobile phone are increasing over time all over the world.

    1. Wastage of Valuable Time
    The students are the main sufferer in this case. They indiscriminately waste their valuable time over the mobile phone. The employees use the mobile in the office by wasting their valuable times. The young generation waste their most of the time over the mobile phone.
    2. Wastage of Money
    About every operation of mobile phone charge, the money. Huge amounts of money we are wasting on mobile phones. This leads to wastage of money.
    3. Physiological Disorder
    Mobile phones are the main cause of physiological disorder. Some physiological disorders are given below
    ● Brain cancer
    ● Vision problems
    ● Sleeping problems
    ● Obesity
    ● Depression
    4. Safety Problems
    By hacking system anyone can gain your personal database from the mobile phone. The security system of the mobile phone is not so strong. Anyone can break down your security system and can get the personal images, videos and so on.
    5. Losing Potentiality of Students
    The students are using mobile phones indiscriminately. Nowadays the under aged students are also using mobile phones. As a result, the potentiality to do well of students are decreasing day by day. They are becoming frustrated ones.
    6. Creating Loneliness
    By the help of mobile phones, you can get the entire world in your hand, people become separated from each other. They are involving the operations of a mobile phone. The relationship among us is decreasing day by day for the excess use of mobile phones.
    In the eleventh hour, we can say that mobile phones have brought the positive evolutionary change all over the world. On the contrary it is destroying the potentiality to do creative things of the youth.


    Probably the most interesting phenomenon, however, is that the mobile phone has freed us from the constraints of space. Through call forwarding from a fixed telephone, a phone call can go almost anywhere. After talking with your best friend for ten minutes, you realize that he is in Dubai. This, in turn, means that excuses, such as “He’s in Paris for two weeks and cannot be reached,” are no longer acceptable. What do you mean, he can’t be reached? Doesn’t he have his phone switched on? read more


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