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    There is a setting or some code that is overriding the article level headline capitalization to force capitalization of words like “and” “to” “the” etc in headlines on the homepage. It happens in the top slider and 4 box feature articles on the homepage and in the Widget OnlineMag Widget Listing col.on the right side. How can I turn this off????? Very important, since otherwise it makes this theme unusable for editors that don’t want to look like they don’t understand headline capitalization. I’m developing locally, so I can’t attach a link here, but you can see it on the demo site here: See how “Ready For The Take Off!” is incorrect on home page (should not cap “for” and “the”) but fine when you click through to the article. Please help! Launching my site on this theme soon and can’t until I get that fixed. THANKS!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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