What is Ajax Layered Navigation in Magento 2 and Why Should You Use It?

Every second counts when it comes to online shopping, and Ajax Layered Navigation in Magento 2 plays an integral part in providing customers with a positive and efficient shopping experience. Customers should easily be able to navigate products without frequent page reloads – this ensures customer satisfaction!

Ajax Layered Navigation is more than a technical term; it is an innovative feature in online retailing that has revolutionized shopping experiences for Magento 2 store owners and operators. Ajax Layered Navigation makes the shopping experience faster, smoother, and more enjoyable than ever; any business must make use of Ajax Layered Navigation’s potential in expanding and strengthen its store business.

In this article you’ll gain insight into Ajax Layered Navigation as an integral feature and how you can use its power to expand and strengthen your store business! Discover its potential and take full advantage of Ajax Layered Navigation technology’s transformative effect on business growth!

Benefits of Ajax Layered Navigation in Magento 2

Ajax Layered Navigation in Magento 2
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Magento 2’s Ajax Layered Navigation is an essential tool for increasing sales, optimizing user experience, and boosting website speed. It’s more than simply a technical function. Let’s examine the many advantages of this cutting-edge innovation in more detail:

Improved User Experience

User experience is absolutely crucial when it comes to online buying. Consumers want to easily and quickly locate what they’re looking for. Magento 2’s Ajax Layered Navigation shines at this by greatly improving the user experience in two important ways:

Real-time Product Filtering:

  • Using filters on traditional e-commerce websites sometimes requires a full-page reload. Customers were not only irritated but also had their important time squandered. Real-time product filtering is one way that Ajax Layered Navigation alters the rules of engagement.
  • Customers may choose to see only the products that match specified filter criteria, such as size, color, or price range, and the product list will quickly adjust to fit their needs. This seamless real-time modification provides a dynamic and engaging purchasing experience.
  • Consumers don’t have to wait for the website to completely refresh after making selections; they can quickly combine and match filters to focus their search. It seems as though the store is specially crafted to suit their tastes because of its dynamic response.

Seamless Navigation Without Page Reloading:

  • Reloading pages can be annoying and interfere with the flow of buying. Traditional filtering methods caused delays and pauses since every time a new filter was selected, the entire page had to refresh.
  • On the other side, Ajax Layered Navigation keeps your users involved and in charge. The ability to apply filters without having to reload the entire page makes for a smooth and continuous purchasing experience.
  • This speeds up navigation and lessens the likelihood that clients will become irate and leave your business. When clients can easily make several selections while staying on the same page, it encourages them to explore further and find things they would not have otherwise noticed.

Increased Sales

Sales Growth
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Increasing sales and income is a key objective in the e-commerce industry. The implementation of ajax layered navigation magento 2 can be a powerful ally in achieving this objective. Here’s how it works its magic:

1. Facilitating Quicker Product Discovery

  • Time is of the essence: Time is a valuable resource in the digital era. Online buyers frequently have a certain product or category in mind. When using traditional navigation, users might have to slog through several pages or wait for the website to completely refresh each time a filter is applied. On the other hand, Ajax Layered Navigation makes this experience a snap.
  • Real-time Filtering: The product list instantaneously refreshes when a consumer chooses a filter, whether it size, color, price range, or any other property. There is no waiting around, and clients are able to observe the changes immediately. In addition to saving time, this real-time feedback gives users a sense of control and firmly places the buying experience in their hands.
  • Decreased Decision Fatigue: The sheer volume of items accessible to online customers might be daunting. Customers only see what matches their selections thanks to Ajax Layered Navigation, which expedites the process. This lessens decision fatigue, which lessens the strain and increases the enjoyment of buying.

2. Enhanced Shopping Convenience

  • Easy, Seamless Experience: Imagine yourself looking through an internet retailer and discovering the ideal dress. However, you’d want it in red, in your size, and for a certain amount of money. In a conventional configuration, changing a filter may cause the page to refresh completely, which could be frustrating. Simply choose the alternatives you want, and the results update instantly using Ajax Layered Navigation, making for a seamless and enjoyable buying experience.
  • Several Filters, No Issue: Clients frequently have different preferences. Customers may request to concurrently see goods in a certain size, color, and price range. Multiple filter options are handled with ease by Ajax Layered Navigation, allowing customers to easily refine their search and find goods that meet their specific needs.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Most internet customers use their mobile devices to visit shops. Because Ajax Layered navigating is responsive, users on mobile devices may also enjoy the ease of fast filtering and smooth navigating, unlike desktop users. The same degree of convenience and effectiveness is available to mobile customers.

Reduced Bounce Rate

Reduced Bounce Rate
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A primary goal for every e-commerce site is to lower the bounce rate. A high bounce rate could be a warning indication since it indicates that users are leaving your website without interacting. Thankfully, Magento 2’s Ajax Layered Navigation is the secret to retaining visitors and raising conversion rates.

1. Keeping Visitors Engaged

  • Easy and Fast Filtering: Ajax Layered Navigation makes sure that users can easily sort and filter goods according to their preferences. This implies that instead of getting impatient with cumbersome, conventional filtering choices or awaiting pages to load, people explore your shop for longer.
  • Real-time Updates: The product list is updated in real-time as users apply filters. Since students can immediately see the results of their decisions, this immediate feedback keeps them motivated and involved.
  • Enhanced User Experience: One of the most captivating features of Ajax navigation is its emulation of the experience of browsing through various areas and finding items uninterrupted, much like when you buy in a physical store.
  • Interactive Shopping: When users can easily interact with your website, they are more inclined to stay. You may lessen the chance that they will leave your website by giving them an engaging and dynamic approach to explore your items.

2. Improved Conversion Rates

  • Find and Buy: An important goal of an e-commerce site is converting visitors into customers, and Ajax Layered Navigation simplifies this process by making products more readily accessible – thus increasing sales conversion rates.
  • Reducing Cart Abandonment: Ensuring an effortless shopping journey from browsing to checkout reduces cart abandonment rates significantly; customers are less likely to change their minds or become disinterested and abandon their carts behind.
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction: Happy customers are more likely to convert and return, thus increasing the probability that customers return. Ajax Layered Navigation helps create this enjoyable user experience and increase chances of customers coming back into your store for future purchases.
  • Improved Visibility of Featured Products: With Ajax navigation, it is easier than ever before to highlight featured or promoted items effectively and ensure customers discover them while exploring your site. Engaging visitors are much more likely to notice and consider featured products than when customers simply browse.

Improved SEO

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A key component of operating a profitable online shop is search engine optimization, or SEO. Potential buyers need to be able to find your items with ease, which is where Magento 2’s Ajax Layered Navigation can significantly boost your SEO efforts.

1. Easier Product Indexing for Search Engines

Web crawlers are used by search engines such as Google to index website information. Your items are more likely to be accurately indexed and therefore displayed in search results if you make your website easy for these crawlers to traverse and comprehend. Ajax Layered Navigation enhances the indexing procedure in the following ways:

  • systematic Data: Your items are arranged in a systematic way with Ajax Layered Navigation. It is easier for search engines to comprehend the material on your website since each filterable feature provides a distinct method for them to index and classify your items.
  • Dynamic URL Updates: Conventional page refreshing frequently leaves search engines perplexed by the URL structures. However, when users apply filters, Ajax dynamically changes URLs. This eliminates the need for search engine bots to navigate a confusing web of URLs in order to access particular filter combinations directly.
  • Faster Loading Times: One of the most important SEO factors is page load speed. Faster loading speeds are achieved by reducing the number of full page reloads with the use of Ajax-driven navigation. Page speed is a factor that Google considers when ranking websites, thus having it might offer you a competitive edge.
  • Canonical URLs: In order to avoid duplicate content problems that might undermine your SEO efforts, Ajax Layered Navigation can also manage canonical URLs more skillfully. This indicates that while presenting search results, search engines are aware of which URL to prioritize.

2. Potential for Higher Search Rankings

Improved SEO is linked to a greater likelihood of showing up on the desired first page of search engine results. Websites with Ajax Layered Navigation rank higher in searches for the following reasons:

  • User Experience and Bounce Rate: Google considers user experience metrics, such bounce rate, when ranking webpages. In addition to providing consumers with a smooth and efficient experience, Ajax Layered Navigation reduces bounce rates and signals to search engines that your website has valuable content.
  • Keyword targeting: By utilizing Ajax Layered Navigation to create landing pages for certain keyword combinations, you may improve the relevance of your content. You may target more keywords and obtain greater exposure in search results by employing this tactic.
  • Mobile Optimization: Since there are more and more mobile searches being made, offering a mobile-friendly experience is crucial for SEO. Ajax Layered Navigation is compatible with Google’s mobile-first indexing policy and can help you rank better for mobile searches since it is responsive to mobile devices.

Setting up and Using Ajax Layered Navigation

Setting up and Using Ajax Layered Navigation
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Let’s go into the intricacies of how to set up and make the most of Ajax Layered Navigation now that you are aware of how crucial it is for Magento 2.

Installing an Ajax Layered Navigation Extension

Overview of available extensions:

Installing the required extension on your Magento 2 shop is the first step towards using Ajax Layered Navigation to its full potential. There are several extensions available, and each one offers a unique set of functionalities. To ensure that your choice is well-informed, you must weigh your options.

  • Amasty Layered Navigation: The Amasty addon, which is renowned for its wealth of features and intuitive UI, provides customizable filters, many display options, and improvements that are focused on the needs of the user.
  • Aheadworks Layered Navigation: Because it offers dynamic product counts, complex filtering, and variable filter settings, this addon is a tempting substitute for those seeking adaptability.
  • Mageplaza Layered Navigation: The Mageplaza extension has features that improve the overall user experience, such as filterable properties, AJAX loading, and an intuitive design.

Selecting the most suitable extension:

When choosing an extension, consider factors like your spending limit, specific requirements, and compatibility with your Magento 2 version. Verify that the extension you select meets the unique needs and objectives of your store.

  • Budget: You should make sure that the extension you purchase fits both your demands and your budget because they might vary in price.
  • Compatibility: Make sure the extension is compatible with the version of Magento 2 you are using to prevent any potential issues with compatibility.
  • Features: Examine whether the features offered by each extension satisfy the needs of your shop. Considerations like as personalization, filter options, and user-friendliness are crucial.

Configuration of the Extension

Selecting filterable attributes:

After installation, it’s time to personalize the Ajax Layered Navigation extension. Select the properties that you would want filtered access to be available to your clients initially. Features such as product categories, price ranges, sizes, colors, and any other relevant data that helps customers focus their searches might be included in this list.

  • Customization: Depending on what your company offers, you may match the distinctiveness of your product catalog with the filterable characteristics.

Configuring product list updates:

Configure your product list to update in accordance with the way you want customers to apply filters. The main advantage of Ajax Layered Navigation is its ability to update product listings instantly without requiring a page reload.

  • Changes in real time: To ensure that consumers have the best possible shopping experience, make sure the extension is set up to provide updates in real time as users apply filters.


Magento 2’s Ajax Layered Navigation is truly a game-changer in terms of e-commerce success, not simply an innovation in technology. This innovative feature brings many advantages beyond technological breakthroughs; such as improved user experience, more sales, lower bounce rates and enhanced SEO performance. Customers’ shopping experiences become smoother when you allow them to filter goods without page reloads; this boosts sales from your site.

Ajax Layered Navigation helps increase sales while decreasing cart abandonment rates by expediting and simplifying the search for products.