Nourishing Innovation: The Advanced Technology Behind Baby Formula

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10 Essential React Native Component Libraries For UK Developers

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Medical App Development

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3 Better Ways to Express ‘Sorry for the Inconvenience’ in Email

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6 Site Security Tips From Experts

Website security is a must in today’s environment. It’s likely that you’ve heard the term “cyber-attacks” if you know how to use a computer and can perform basic internet browsing. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that cyberattacks are on the rise daily in this modern age where most activities are conducted online. Any portable … Read more

Outsourcing Minimum Viable Product Development For Startups: Small Risks And Great Opportunities

Developing a brand new software product is a time-consuming and budget-demanding process. That’s why being able to test the feasibility of the idea and ensuring users will give the release a warm welcome is crucial for business owners. The good news is, there’s a way to expose prospective development risks, find out how excited the … Read more

WP Social Proof Plugins to Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

A survey conducted by Statista found that 44% of millennials and Gen Z consumers worldwide read testimonials and product reviews before making a purchase. Product reviews and testimonials can serve as a guide in the decision-making process and play a key role in whether or not a purchase is ultimately made. Not only can dsplaying … Read more

5 possible reasons why your WordPress website is slow

Regardless of the website you want to launch, WordPress is the best platform to use if you are a novice. Due to its features, it enables people to easily and quickly design their page. This is crucial because you need to have one if you are trying to start any kind of business nowadays. However, … Read more

Hummingbird Performance Plugin – Better than others?

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Autoptimize – Does it improve your website speed?

Autoptimize wordpress plugin

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How to Add Schema to WordPress Without Plugin (Updated)

how to add schema to wordpress

Introduction Schema Markup is additional information on the web page that helps search engines better understand the content of the web page. It is also referred to as Structured data as it is a set of structured vocabularies accepted by major search engines. Additionally, if correctly attributed, search engines display this additional information, in Search … Read more

WPForms – A detailed review on the powerful WordPress form builder


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