How do I install a theme?

There are two ways to install a new theme: from your WordPress Admin Panel or manually via FTP. Using Admin Panel Download the theme. Log in to your WordPress Administration Panels. Select the Appearance panel, then Themes. Click on Add New. Then select Upload Theme. Click Choose File and then locate the theme in your computer. Select the theme and click Install Now. […]

Do I need to buy themes to create my website?

No. Although, there are premium themes ( ) that you can buy, we offer free themes ( ) as well. The two major differences between them is that the premium themes offer more features than the free theme and the premium themes come with dedicated support which is not available for the free themes.

How long can I use a theme?

You can use the free / premium themes as long as you wish to. However, your subscription for free updates lasts only for a year after the purchase. You need to renew your subscription if you wish to get the updates after the subscription ends. The renewal of the subscription will provide you with updates […]

Can you help me customize my website?

If you have a subscription, then we would happily help you customize your website. But remember, we only offer modifications which involves a few lines of codes or a few minutes of work. If you need something more than that, you will need to hire a customizer( ).