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Hello bcaldas ,

Here are the answers of your queries;

1) image inside of slider doesnt shrink properly when viewing on a tablet or phone. its the reccomended picture size. does full responive only work in pro?

It would be great if you use recommend size for the slider. Here is the size: 1355*580px.
But where did you find the slider image doesn’t shrink properly, we’re happily support you to fix such issues if got on your site.

2) can i get rid of the “click to start” button on each picture in the slider. i just want images to scroll thats it…

Yes, we have a control option on Customizer in pro version, where you can remove that button easily.

3)Is there a way to remove the top icons in the service section, or atleast remove the hyperlink to the page that the blurb comes from? or put actualy custom images in the circle instead of the font awesome icon stuff?

We are going to update our theme by next week, and we will cover this feature in that version.

Hope it will cover your requirement. If you have further queries, please don’t hesitate to ask. We will be happy to answer all of that.

eVision Themes Support