Free Photography Theme: PHOTO MAGIC

Are you looking for a free photography theme for building your WordPress powered website? The idea of deciding which theme to go with can be very daunting. This is due to the fact that there are many free photography themes available.

In the past, photographers had limited options to store or showcase their works. They had to store their works in a photo album and could showcase them only in art galleries. They had limited audiences back then.

But the things have changed now. Due to the evolution in internet, and digitization, you can display your work to the world. Additionally, your work remains safe and well organized.

We believe that photographers are artists. They work hard to capture that one perfect shot. So you need to showcase your hard works beautifully; they deserve it. That’s what drove us to develop PHOTO MAGIC: Free Photography Theme.

Photo Magic is a powerful yet simple free photography theme that can be used by professional as well as amateur photographers. It is completely responsive as well as has a fluid layout. Hence, your website will look elegant on any screen size, and browser. The theme is translation ready and is compatible with popular plug-ins.

Photo Magic can easily handle photos with large dimensions. You can create a collection of related photos and create an album. Photo gallery is the feature included in our theme that is generally unavailable in free photography themes. The portfolio section has the popular masonry as well as grid design. You can use the image slider (located conveniently at the banner) to showcase some of your best photographs.

Each photograph in your collection may have a story to tell. A single photo may bring back a lot of memories. You may want to share the story with your viewers. You can easily do so using this theme. Moreover, Photo Magic has a post slider included which enables you to create slider for your stories. Your stories will look elegant in your website.

Social media are a great source of marketing and promoting nowadays. You shouldn’t lag behind promoting your arts as well. The social links available in the theme let you easily share your photos in various social media: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You have the ability to customize the footer section of your website and include your contact details and location here. You can also list the stories and categories for easier navigation. Additionally, you can use the breadcrumb, pagination, back to top options for better navigation.

You may think that customizing this theme may be pretty hard as there are so many options available. Well you don’t need to worry. You can easily customize the theme using only the customizer API. You can easily enable/disable different options. We also have a well-written documentation that guides you through the various options of the theme. We also provide you with support in our support forum or via e-mail if you have any problem.

In Conclusion

The features available in Photo Magic make it a perfect free photography theme. It’s absolutely free, so you can give it a try. You can download the theme or check out the demo. If you want to upgrade the theme and have limitless options then you can buy Photo Magic Pro.
Which free photography theme are you using to showcase your arts? Feel free to share your experience or the link to your photography website in the comment section below.

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