How Technology Has Played a Role in Changing the RV Lifestyle

Anyone who owns an RV understands how advanced the modern market is. It seems that nowadays, no matter what you want from your RV, you’ll be able to find it. Technology has undeniably changed the game for RV owners everywhere, and these motorhomes are now hooked up with the latest and greatest, which only serves to enhance the overall experience. In this article, we’re going ot look at a few of the ways in which technology has changed the RV lifestyle forever.

Advanced Navigational Systems


There are many essential things you need in your RV for any journey, but thankfully an independent navigation system is not one of them. Sat navs are nothing new, but they are highly efficient, especially when integrated into the system. With a few taps on the screen, you can get up to date information on any route, which makes traveling around just that much more simple. With an RV, this is particularly useful as you can route around traffic so that you can enjoy more of your holiday and keep moving. It also means that you can find places to stop en route if you suddenly need to – that’s often more difficult in an RV than just a car.

The Wi-Fi Hook Up

There is also an increased number of places to set up camp for the night that are internet enabled. When it comes to the internet for an RV Park, it’s a question of location and availability. However, if you find the right place, then you can easily opt in for wi-fi services, and there are some great packages to browse through too. Everyone loves having the option of getting online because it is just a straightforward way to wind down on an evening; for example, streaming a film or setting up a gaming session. Our lives are so focused on the internet these days that the idea of being cut off is almost unthinkable. Yes, you might want to detox and spend some time offline, but being able to stay in touch with family to update your journey’s progress is a fantastic technological outcome. You also don’t need to worry so much about the weather – if you’re faced with a day of rain, you’ll still have entertainment. The access to better Wi-Fi also means that RV life is no longer just for vacation; people are able to work from their RVs and enjoy a completely different lifestyle from what was once expected.

Smart Controls


The same tech that you can get in your brick and mortar homes is now available in modern RVs. That means you can now control the lights, temperature, and even the security all from your smartphone, which is truly amazing. This will save you money on running costs and the financial toll of when you are parked up at a location staying somewhere. These controls give a large amount of flexibility to RV owners; you can alter your plans on the go, so if you need hot water unexpectedly while out or you decide to stay late and don’t need the heating on as early, you can change it from your phone – reducing energy waste. Plus, the convenience of being able to simply load an app and press a few buttons to control the comfort of your environment means you’ll be comfier than ever. The other feature of smart controls is that often; they start learning the behavior of their environment – so if the RV is parked somewhere that gets the sun in the morning and warms up naturally, the controls learn that and adjust the heating accordingly.

Easier Maintenance Monitoring

Thanks to all these tech upgrades, monitoring the maintenance needs of motor homes is easier than ever. If there’s an issue with a tire, for example, you will get a handy notification on the modern models that will tell you exactly which one and, even sometimes, what the issue is. Things like faulty air conditioning and other malfunctions are all brought to light before they cause major problems too. There is nothing more disruptive to an adventure than a broken-down vehicle, after all, so it really is a useful feature. This can save a lot of time and money because of course a small problem left unfixed can easily and quickly become a much larger one. It also means less time wasted on the road, either waiting for problems to be fixed or spending a lot of money for emergency call-outs.

Electric Models


There has been a noticeable surge in electric vehicles. They are more sustainable, less maintenance, and arguably the most cost-efficient way of traveling around. Well, RVs have not escaped the trend, and one noticeable shift in their manufacturing has seen a rise in electric-style models on the market. So, for the more eco-focused individuals, this is great news. The RV lifestyle appeals to many people, particularly those wanting to move away from a traditional (often wasteful) way of life. Simplifying possessions and needs is necessary when living or staying in an RV, and so it appeals to many looking for a sustainable, minimalist way of life. The rise of electric RVs has meant that more people feel able to begin a new life or change their way of living which didn’t feel appropriate in the previous polluting vehicles.

The perks of an RV lifestyle are growing and evolving all the time. Technology is bringing innovation along for the ride, and RV owners are now able to travel more conveniently, comfortably, and safely because of it. With the rise of working from home, people are learning that home does not have to be a traditional building fixed in one place but a space that can take them all over the country, even all over the world, if they really want to. An RV really is like being in a home away from home, and one that you can take wherever you fancy. New adventures and endless opportunities, what’s not to love?