How to remove date , author and previous/next links in eVision Corporate Pro Theme?

Well, if you follow the instructions below, it would help you in removing the links in the website.

1. Firstly, create a Child Theme and activate it. Reference link: to create a Child Theme.

2.Copy the files from theme folder, content-single.php (location: /template-parts/content.php )and single.php (location: theme root folder ) into your child theme with same folder structure.

2. Now comment out line no. 19 from single.php which will remove the post navigation.

i.e. // comment this line of code

3. To remove meta information like date, author name comment out line no. 22 from content-single.php.

i.e. // comment this line of code

If you have any confusion going through the process, kindly post it in the support forum:

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