Green buildings are smart and eco-friendly


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    Green buildings are smart and eco-friendly.
    Smart and eco-friendly construction has already become the norm in many countries of the world. The popularity of smart construction is also slowly growing in less developed countries. Recently, it has become quite loud to talk about the so-called green houses. What is their phenomenon? Find out in the blog “Antina Anta – my view”
    What are green houses?
    Green houses combine ecology and modernity. They are created on the basis of sustainable development and care for the environment. Their construction and operation, as well as possible modernization, should not contribute to environmental pollution and excessive consumption of natural resources. In addition, such construction reduces energy consumption, uses environmentally friendly materials, renewable energy sources and creates green areas around buildings. In addition, green houses should not disrupt or unduly damage the existing landscape. It is also worth knowing that ecological construction should not only serve nature, but also be harmless to humans.

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