How to fix direct deposit pending on Cash App?

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    The reasons for Cash App direct deposit pending have been discussed above. With Cash App, the users can resolve every issue. Go through the guidelines below to avoid pending direct deposit Cash App:

    You must be careful while sharing the account and routing number with the payroll provider.
    Always maintain internet connectivity on your device. You can’t make any transaction on Cash App until your device has good internet connectivity.
    Visit App Store or Google Play Store to check updates for Cash App from time to time and update your Cash App timely.
    Your details must be correct. Recheck details when you are entering personal information Cash App.
    If everything is OK at your end, connect to the payroll provider to know the reasons behind the pendency.
    Never allow any usual activity on your device or Cash App directly or indirectly. Abide by the Cash App terms of service.
    Cash App and Bank server issues may affect transactions, and it could be a reason for pending direct deposit on Cash App.

    The users must take these precautionary measures to avoid pending direct deposit on Cash App. However, if direct deposit remains pending beyond five days, the users must approach customer support.

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