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    Can you please instruct me how to properly customize the premium slider widget, since it has much less options than the free non-widget version.
    For a start can you tell me which file and line to change in order to change the “Know more” button text.

    Here is what I did and didn`t work:
    I already made a Child theme with Child Theme congiruator plugin. Since it cannot copy the inc/sidebar-widgets folder and inc/plugins folder I copy them via FTP from the original theme folder to the child theme folder. Then I download the file I want to change, edit it and upload/overwrite the original file.

    I edited the “slider-normal.php” file in the “wp-contents/”child-theme-folder”/inc/sidebar-widget” folder and changed line 63:

    $evisioncorporatepro_slider_button = __( ‘Know more’, ‘evisioncorporatepro’ );
    $evisioncorporatepro_slider_button = __( ‘Повече’, ‘evisioncorporatepro’ );

    This didn`t work at all, since the text is still “Know more”
    In other Threads I saw that you recommend editing files in “child-theme-folder/inc/plugins/etdashboard/” However I see that the “etdashboard” folder is not a folder but a .zip file. So what I do is Download->Unzip->Edit files->Zip->Upload/Overwrite. – Is it correct?

    Using this method I edited “child-theme-folder/inc/plugins/etdashboard/inc/slider/widget-slider-normal.php” and changed line 300:

    “><?php _e( ‘Know more’, ‘etdashboard’ )?>
    “><?php _e( ‘Повече’, ‘etdashboard’ )?>

    That didn`t work also. The button stays as “Know more”

    Can you please navigate me to which file is responsible for this and other widgets, since there is serious lack of options for customization. I also want to change the transition effect and speed (which is also possible with the free features, but not possible with the premium widgets).

    Thank you in advance

    eVision Themes

    Hi TemabgLtd,

    you have to edit on plugin as well as on themes.

    You can edit following lines

    plugins\etdashboard\inc\slider\widget-slider-normal.php: line no 300

    have you already changed here evisioncorporatepro\inc\sidebar-widget\slider-normal.php: 63 and 130

    first edit this one. then if this doesn’t help you then you can move to the plugin area



    The issue was fixed by editing the plugins\etdashboard\inc\slider\widget-slider-normal.php: line no 300. Thanks to the support chat.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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