Why Should You Build Your Website With our Free WordPress Themes?

eVision Themes Store is among the best theme stores in the market. We offer a variety of premium and free WordPress themes in our store. But in this article we will focus on the main reasons why you should build your website with our free WordPress themes.

free wordpress themes

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it isn’t good. This statement completely holds true for our free themes. All our free themes are beautiful outside and powerful inside; we don’t compromise one for the other. Yes! We do prioritize our premium themes more but it doesn’t mean we neglect our free themes.

Now let’s get into the features of our free themes and the services that come along with them.

What Our Free WordPress Themes Offer?

1. SEO Friendly

Generally, search engine is the reason behind most of the traffic of a website. Hence, if you want to attract more viewers and have a strong online presence, SEO is a must. Our free themes are SEO friendly and are written in clean and efficient codes. Therefore, search engines will love your website. You can learn more about SEO best practices.

2. Live Customizer

Customizing your website is hassle free. You can customize the look and behavior of your site and see the changes in real time. You can change the colors, the layout, and much more.

3. Speed Optimized

Having a fast website is very crucial for your business. A slow website decreases the user experience and in turn increases the bounce rate. It also adversely affects your SEO efforts. We apply the best coding practices to build our free themes. Therefore, your site will load with blazingly fast speed. Moreover, the themes support popular caching plugins to improve the speed. You can learn the techniques that can be applied to speed up your WordPress website to obtain the optimum results.

4. Responsive Design

All our free themes are completely responsive. Thus your website built on our free theme will look impeccable on any browser, platform, and screen size. Moreover, all the functionalities in your website will work just the same no matter which device is being used.

5. Reviewed by WordPress.org

All of our free WordPress themes are live on WordPress.org. This means that the themes have undergone a very strict reviewing that is done by WordPress’ theme review team. Due to the strict review, the free themes tend to be very secure and bug-free. They strictly follow the WordPress development practices and maintain the required level of quality and compatibility.

6. Documentation

We understand that WordPress is used by people with little technical knowledge as well. Sometimes, you may get stuck or you may not find what you’re looking for. Don’t worry! We have well written documentations at your service. Every theme has its unique documentation that will guide you through each and every customization options present in the theme.

7. Support

Even though our free themes are easy to customize and we have a well written documentation for each and every theme, there may be times when these are not sufficient. Well, you have nothing to worry about. You can post your problem in our support forum or send us an email. Our support team will reply you with the solution within 24 hours.

These were the 7 major features and services that come with our free WordPress themes. There are many other specific features that come with different themes. We provide themes for different niche: blog, magazine, travel, business, photography, and many more.

Few Testimonials

In Conclusion

We hope that you now have a clear idea about why you should build your website with our free WordPress themes.

As we have mentioned earlier, we have premium WordPress themes in our store as well. Premium themes come with more customization options, dedicated instant support, and much more. Moreover, we also allow you dashboard access on demo site. You can learn more about premium themes in this article.

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