The SEO Framework WordPress plugin – Is it better than Yoast?

If you have a WordPress website, you must have been familiar with Yoast SEO and the All in One SEO Pack. These two are the most used SEO plugins with millions of installations. But there is another plugin that tops the list of WordPress SEO plugins, The SEO Framework WordPress plugin.

The SEO Framework is the new kid in the town and comes into the market at the end of 2015, while the other popular SEO plugins are ruling WordPress for 10+ years.

The SEO Framework

The plugin has an amazing rating and outstanding feedback; 5/5 with over 100,000 installations. It is very unusual for the new WordPress SEO plugin. It is not like other plugins; it offers some incredible features which motivate the website owner to download it.

Outstanding features of The SEO Framework WordPress plugin

The SEO plugin has several features which are hard to get anywhere else as explained by SEO expert Let’s take a closer look at some gems offered by The SEO Framework WordPress plugin:

  1. It is critically automated

The SEO Framework is the only SEO plugin that can automatically generate the SEO Meta tags and Meta descriptions intelligently. It saves your time and removes the need for SEO technical knowledge.

  1. It offers the SEO attack protection

Every page on the internet can be attacked by hackers, and they can delist your website. TSF works smartly and makes search engines index the page’s best version.

  1. It has over 70 checks

Each page of your website goes against over seventy checks. You can see any problem via the SEO bar. You don’t have to waste time scrolling to find the issue.

  1. It has real-time caching

Save your database from the extra load with The SEO Framework caching mechanism. It offers real-time caching to save your time and effort,

Do more with The SEO Framework WordPress plugin extensions

The plugin also offers additional functionality with the help of an extension manager. It is packed with intelligent and advanced extensions to boost your website SEO.

  • Focus helps you through writing the optimized content and rank it with focused keywords and synonyms.
  • Articles add structured data to your published posts. It is great for bloggers, news, and scientific information.
  • Honey pot uses its five methods to catch the spammers with a 99.99% catch rate.
  • Cord allows you to connect your website to Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics. It works best to integrate third-party services.
  • Local allows you to set up some essential information about your local business for the search engines.
  • AMP combines the AMP plugin with The SEO Framework for supported pages and articles.
  • Monitor keeps a close eye on your website statistics and optimization.
  • Incognito can hide all the development comments from The SEO Framework WordPress plugin.
  • Origin takes the visitors back to the parent post from the attachment page.
  • Title fix configures the title output even if the applied theme is doing it wrong.

How is it better than Yoast?

Yoast SEO plugin has been optimizing the WordPress websites for years, but recently it has gone downhill due to unlimited ads and notifications. The SEO Framework is the best alternative to Yost as it offers the same features at a very affordable price.

Here are some ways which make The SEO Framework WordPress Plugin a better choice

1. TSF is faster and cleaner

It is straightforward to use the plugin. The SEO Framework has a clean interface, and you can easily customize the settings.

The plugin has only two tabs, one for the setting and the other for the optional extensions, whereas Yoast has many tabs.

2. It is easy to customize

The SEO Framework WordPress has two plugins. One is the TSF, which customizes the basic SEO functionality, and the second is the extension manager for added functions.

You can easily add several features to the plugin by using the extension manager.

3. The prices are quite affordable

You have all the functionalities with the free version, which you can download from the WordPress directory. The extension manager is also free.

For all the premium features and extensions, a paid subscription is necessary, and it is way more affordable than Yoast.

4. The SEO Framework WordPress Plugin had better support

TSF offers much better customer support as compared to Yoast. The developers are quite active on the support forum to answer all the requests.

The teams also keep up with the Reddit question and give answers right away. Even the free version of the plugin has great support.

5. No annoying notifications prompt, and ads

The SEO Framework plugin has no ads, and it even allows you to remove branding ads. Yoast has a lot of annoying notifications and prompts.

The SEO Framework doesn’t have any prompt messages and notifications. It offers much pleasant environment.

6. Optional, customizable, and much cleaner schema

Having a schema is good for your site, but Yoast forces it without providing any option to disable or customize, which is terrible.

On the other hand, it is optional to add schema in The SEO Framework Plugin. You can either enable it or disable it.

The pricing structure of the SEO Framework WordPress plugin

The SEO framework comes with free, and three paid versions (Pro, Business, and Agency). Have a look at the current pricing structure of the SEO plugin

TSF [ricing

Is The SEO Framework worth giving a try?

No plugin can make your website rank on the first page of the search engines unless you have high-quality content. But you still have to do the SEO to rank your website as high as its quality.

The SEO framework WordPress plugin can do the job for you quickly and easily while working stably. You can edit the Meta title, Meta description, add a URL, configure indexing, and even 301 redirects (an option that other SEO plugins provide only with a paid version).

The SEO Framework is by far one of the best SEO plugins available for WordPress. It works perfectly in the free version as well as in the paid version. It has all the features of Yoast with no downsides at all. It has excellent customer support, and the price is affordable.

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