Rank Math Plugin – Best SEO plugin for WordPress in 2023

There are several WordPress plugins available for search engine optimization. Yoast is the most popular one, currently installed on over 5 million websites. But many other alternatives also work great for SEO, and the Rank Math plugin is one of these.

Rank Math plugin

Rank Math is the SEO plugin for WordPress that makes it easy for users to optimize the content with best practices. Built-in suggestions, SEO settings, control over indexed pages, and structured data are some of its incredible features.

The new kid in the block (Rank Math) gives you a competitive advantage due to its easy-to-use interface and powerful features. The team behind the plugin named it the “Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO” and we think it is well-deserved.

Rank Math

At the moment, there are over 80,000 active installations of the Rank Math plugin. The number of users is fast-growing, thanks to unlimited options and features that the plugin offers for free. At the end of 2023, the plugin released its latest version with several new features.

Unique SEO benefits of the Rank Math Plugin

When it comes to offering unlimited benefits, the Rank Math plugin has blown out its competitors. It helps to make the website SEO-friendly to get it ranked and optimize the content for a featured position.

Plugin's Features

Rank Math offers an unlimited amount of options and limitless features. We will mention some of the prominent Rank Math features which you can’t get anywhere else. Here are the features which are hard to get anywhere else.

1.      Advanced Google Analytics Integration

The most amazing thing about Rank Math is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of the WordPress Dashboard. Google’s advanced analytics integration lets you see your website metrics and keep an eye on the stats.

2.      Keyword Rank Tracker

Keyword rank tracker allows you to track the keywords and their search position without much SEO knowledge. Get track of your website performance against specific keywords.

3.      Advanced Redirections Module

Proper redirects are essential for your website, but these are hard to manage and set. Rank Math plugin makes it easy for you to control the redirects. It is as easy as filling the colors in the pictures.

4.      Google Keyword Suggestion

Why use any other plugin when you can manage everything inside the Rank Math? You only need to your keyword and see how it will rank in the SERPs.

5.      Advanced Built-In SEO Analytic Module

With Rank Math, it is possible to get information from the Google Search Console and present it in the admin dashboard. The info is essential to maintain the performance of your website.

6.      Custom Schema Builder

It has never been easier to build and ad multiple schemas to a single post. With this plugin, you need no programming knowledge to write complex structured data.

7.      WooCommerce Pro

Rank Math allows you to create an e-commerce powerhouse by combining WooCommerce’s selling power with its SEO powers. The user-friendly interface makes it effortless to implement SEO’s best strategies.

8.      Advanced Image SEO

Most of us probably don’t know that an optimized image is one of the effective ways to generate traffic. Rank Math plugin automatically adds ALT and title text to all your images.

9.      Rich Snippet Support

The plugin’s rich snippet support has made it easy to use the correct Meta Tag. Within a few clicks, Rank Math can add Meta Tags to videos, recipes, articles, and blogs.

10. 404 Monitor

With an advanced 404 monitor, you can find all 404 links and allow you to redirect these. Otherwise, it is hard and frustrating to spot broken 404.

The list doesn’t end here. Rank Math plugin’s official website has mentioned over 85+ features. Isn’t it amazing to have a plugin where everything is automated? You can grow your website without spending any time on manual SEO.

Why use Rank Math Plugin for website SEO?

If you are still not convinced how amazing this new WordPress SEO plugin is, here are some reasons to start using Rank Math now:

  • Easy to use: WordPress has made building a website easy, and Rank Math has made doing SEO easier. With user-friendly layouts and well-designed options, you will always be at ease.
  • Advanced functionality: With this plugin, you will get full control over SEO. It is your choice to do everything manually or choosing the auto-pilot.
  • Auto-Configuration: Rank Math plugin is smart enough to detect what SEO settings will work best for your website. The plugin considers market competition while configuring the options.
  • 24×7 Support:  If the documentation doesn’t cover the issue, 24×7 support is available to ensure your problem gets solved on time.
  • Available for free: One of the best things about this SEO plugin is it is FREE. There is no pro version; all the features are available in the free package. The developers want to help as many people as they can.

How to install Rank Math Plugin for website SEO?

The best and easiest way to install Rank Math is through the WordPress admin panel.

  • Start by going through the plugin options and choose Add New. A new page will open up with all popular WordPress plugins.
  • In the search box, type “Rank Math Plugin,” and you will see the plugin on the top.

Rank Math installation

  • Click the install button to start the process. As soon as you press the button, a progress bar will appear as the installation process indication.
  • In few seconds, the process will be completed, and you need to click Activate button to complete the installation.
  • Once the activation is complete, you can see the Rank Math plugin in the installed WordPress plugins.

When you installed the plugin, the configuration process will start automatically to set up the essential things for you. But you can cancel the process to configure the settings according to your requirements.

Rank Math plugin has made SEO easy with its most powerful features. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve the on-page SEO and get your page rank at higher positions.

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