Really Simple SSL – Everything You Need To Know

If you deal with WordPress, you must have heard the name Really Simple SSL. It is a WordPress plugin that automatically detects your settings, configure your website to run over HTTPS, secure cookies, scan mixed content, and much more.

Among hundreds and thousands of plugins, it is one of the few that has received over 5 million active installations to date. Migrating your website to SSL has never been so easy. Now, you can do it in no time with the most popular WordPress Plugin of the decade.

Really Simple SSL

In simple words, the Really Simple SSL plugin do the following for you

  • Sends all the requests to https.
  • Changes the site and home URL to https.
  • Replaces http:// URLs to https://.
  • Handles all the issues you might end up having.

Key features of the Really Simple SSL plugin

The plugin comes with several cool features for your website. Once you have installed and activate the plugin, you can come to know the below-mentioned features.

1.      Extensive scanner

With this feature, you can detect the source of mixed content with a fix button that couldn’t be fixed automatically. In case of not have a secure lock, it tells you what you need to do.

2.      Mixed content fixer

With a mixed content fixer, you will get a secure lock that allows you to check for errors that can occur after forcing SSL.

3.      Secure cookies

Really Simple SSL makes cookies secure and encrypted through HttpOnly and secure flags.

4.      Security headers

The plugin makes it easy for you to implement the following security headers: Expect-CT, X-Content-Type-Options, X-Frame-Options, Content Security Policy, X-XSS-Protection, and Certificate Transparency.

5.      Strict transport security

You can improve your website security and protect your domain against attackers by enabling the HTTP Strict Transport Security and HSTS preload.

6.      Premium support

In WordPress, there is the possibility of many configurations. In case, you face any issue, there will be experts to help.

How the plugin Really Simple SSL actually works?

To start using the plugin, you only have to click the activate button, and your site will be ready for the migration. But a lot of things happen in the background.  When activate, Really Simple SSL can do a lot more than you think.

  • Before activating, it checks for SSL certificate.
  • It checks for any insecure content and replaces it with https.
  • It automatically selects the right .htaccess redirect rule.
  • If needed, Really Simple SSL checks the wp-config and adds a load balancer fix.
  • At some moment, if the WordPress function is_SSL() fails, the plugin will make an edit in the wp-config.php file to tell WordPress that the site is on SSL or not.
  • It changes your siteurl and homeurl, and if needed, it made the necessary changes in wp-config.php.
  • The plugin adds a server variable fix to wp-config.php on need.

On multiple installations of Really Simple SSL, it works roughly the same.

How to setup Really Simple SSL in easy steps?

This WordPress plugin automatically detects the settings and configure your site to run over http automatically. The options are minimal to keep the plugin lightweight. You can move the whole site to SSL with it.

Here is the simple process to follow

Really Simple SSL

  • First of all, you have to buy an SSL certificate. It is usually provided by your hosting provided service for free or you can get free SSL certificates from various websites.
  • Go to the WordPress dashboard, and then Plugin-> Add New.
  • Search for the plugin and install it.
  • Activate the plugin and you will be taken to the plugin’s dashboard.

Isn’t it really simple to enable the SSL with only one click? If you face any difficulties during the configuration process, you can contact support or check the documentation of the plugin.

Everything else about the SSL plugin

Here is everything else you need to know about the WordPress SSL plugin


The Really Simple SSL has released almost 24 versions of the plugin, and the new updates are better than the previous ones.  Version 4.0 is coming soon.


There are some benefits which we really like about this plugin, have a look at these

  1. You can renew the plugin’s license on yearly basis with a 50% discount and cancel it whenever you want.
  2. It checks whether the website has an SSL certificate or not.
  3. If the green lock is not on yet, it tells you what to do next.
  4. Really Simple SSL keeps you from worrying about common issues.
  5. It makes WordPress load https instead of http.
  6. All SSL certificates will work with this plugin.
  7. It automatically parses and fixes the insecure content.
  8. It checks for any error after you force SSL.
  9. You get an email when your certificate is about to expire.
  10. It helps you manage the WordPress installation of the SSL plugin.
  11. Customers will get premium email support.


When you get lots of pros, there are also some cons to face.

  1. There might be a slight performance impact.
  2. It will not fix the old content permanently.

What is the pricing plan of the plugin?

The plugin also has a premium version for which you have to pay. The premium version has always a lot more to offer than the free one. If you go for the Really Simple SSL pro, you will get the following features.

  1. You will get the option of the mixed content filter at the back end.
  2. Help to configure the site for future HSTS preload lists.
  3. Get feedback on the future configuration pages.

The pro version has three pricing plans, as shown below

Really Simple SSL

Google has announced that without an SSL certificate your site will not get a high ranking and will mark as “Not Secure”. So to avoid the consequences, Really Simple SSL is the best choice to make. After all, this WordPress plugin saves you from hours of work.

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