WPML WordPress Plugin – What Need To Know?

Plugin is the application designed to enhance the performance of the original program or software. In the same analogy, the WPML WordPress plugin is designed to enhance the usefulness and functionalities of WordPress CMS.

It adds substantially to the functionality of the basic in-built features by the addition of new features. WPML plugin enables WordPress to work multiannual.

It not only enables the users to create quality content but also translates them into different languages.



WPML App Functionality

Use of WPML plugin for WordPress has various enhanced functionalities like –

  • By enabling the app you can write contents in multiple languages;
  • The app helps translation of the original contents into different supported languages;
  • It has various features to help translation management; and
  • The app is empowered with an easy-to-use interface that helps in accurate and professional translation.


WPML Features

The easy to use but generating quality translation the WPML plugin for WordPress has the following features.

  • Users do not need technical and programming skills;
  • It can be installed by any website owner making the site multilingual;
  • No coding is required to install and run the app;
  • The app can easily be integrated with other plugins as well as translation systems around; and
  • It includes a complete API.

Such features enable users to install the app and run it conveniently. It also works with all operating systems including those used in mobile devices.



App with Growing Popularity

A look at the downloads and use of the WPML plugin for WordPress can convince you about the growing popularity of the app.

WordPress itself is so popular that it dominates over 35% of the Internet all alone and the inclusion of WPML has further enhanced its powers and that is why the app is also experiencing growing popularity in the industry.

The app is used by over one million sites around the world. Clients using the WPML plugin for WordPress are from all parts of planet earth but it is more popular among the website owners in Europe and America.


Most Popular Languages

WPML plugin for WordPress enables the user to translate any web content into different languages.

The most popular languages used by the app are English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, and Japanese. However; the number of users in other countries like India and China is also growing consistently.


Excellent Support by Manufacturer

One of the major reasons for the growing popularity of WPML is that the manufacturer offers excellent support to the customers.

  • The support is available for real-time problem resolution;
  • Support provided is accurate, timely, and qualitative;
  • The facilities are provided to all irrespective of their location; and
  • The manufacturer provides online training for customers so that they make the best use of the app.

An additional advantage is that the global company has extended its virtual office across the globe with employees working from their homes from six continents.


Basic Requirements for running WPML

To ensure that the WPML plugin for WordPress works properly you have to meet its basic requirements.

  • You should have WordPress 4.7 or higher version;
  • The app needs 256MB of primary memory;
  • MySQL 5.6 or higher or MariaDB 1.1 or higher for creating database tables;
  • WordPress REST API;
  • Multibyte string extension for string translation;
  • Basic XML extension;
  • Eval PHP function enabled; and
  • libxml module 2.7.8 or higher.

While WPML can run on earlier versions the best results can only be achieved with the above-mentioned versions of their higher modules.

Permalink Structure

When you use the WPML plugin for WordPress it adds language information to your URL. This feature is tested using some permalink structures.

  • The default permalink structure is /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%/;
  • While other permalink structures can work but may not give correct results; and
  • That is why the designers used the default structure for designing the app.



The Eval() Function

When you use the WPML plugin for WordPress the system must be laden with the eval() function. The reason is that WPML is dependent on the TWIG framework to create structures as well as templates.

This framework is one of the best for writing the PHP codes in files and at the same time, it can use OPcode that eliminates the requirements of having some run-time codes for designing templates. An in-built security system in TWIG also makes it safe for use with WPML.


Freedom of Writing and Translating

When you use the WPML plugin for WordPress the best advantage you get is the freedom of writing and translating contents and using the site the way you want to.

While the hosting sites can be very convenient for webmasters the problem is that your freedom as an owner gets severely limited. You will have 100% control over all the contents created and translated using the WPML plugin.


Cost-Benefit Analysis

It is natural for the end-users to have a cost-benefit analysis of apps like the WPML. They may take a look at the following facts.

  • WPML does not have any free version;
  • Though the initial expenses maybe a little more the benefits derived can easily counterbalance such small disadvantages;
  • Unlike many apps that are free or cheaper it does not face any compatibility issues; and
  • It also does not come with a cap on the quantum of translations.

WPML is compatible with all major themes as well as plugins in the market that is great news for users. The app has earned the trust of users all over the world with WPML for making their websites multilingual.


Doubts have been raised in some quarters about the use of multiple languages in WordPress. When you use the WPML plugin for WordPress your site developed with WordPress becomes multilingual.

The app has an automatic translation feature or you can translate contents yourself. This means that when you use WPML plugin for WordPress there will be no need to create multiple websites for different languages as you will have all of them in a single window.


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