Everything You Need To Know About Wordfence Plugin


Summary:  Learn how to install, activate, set up, and use the Wordfence plugin against various security threats to protect your website Introduction   Protect your WordPress website with Wordfence plugin from various hacking attempts. It comprises of malware scanner and firewall to safeguard your site from security threats including: Hacking Malware Brute Force attacks & […]

5 Most Common Wp-admin Problems & How To Fix Them

Introduction  Introducing WordPress software to your virtual platforms could be considered as the perfect choice for developing your business proposals to reach more fruitful opportunities, build your ROI, and flourish the identity of your brand. Installing wp-admin and setting it up is a very simple process because of its flexibility and user-friendly features. Though it […]

What is htaccess? 5 problems related to htaccess on a WordPress website

Introduction  The htaccess is a directory-level configuration file supported by several web servers. This software allows the admin to perform multiple functional tasks on your particular website pages.   What is .htaccess?     The htaccess is an amazing server configuration file that helps you in creating a set of rules manually for your Word Press server that they […]