MailPoet Review 2023 – A better email plugin for WordPress?


Gone are the days when there are not many Email Service providers (ESPs) in the market for WordPress-Powered websites. Today, we are loaded with options, and choosing the best one bit tricky. While we have so many choices now, don’t forget the first-ever plugin for WordPress, MailPoet. What is MailPoet? MailPoet is the first-ever email … Read more

Polylang – Is it the best WordPress multilingual plugin?


What is the best way to expand your business without spending enough?  The answer is to create a multilingual website as it results in high-level credibility and professionalism.  WordPress offers several translation plugins, but Polylang is the most popular among all. Polylang is the WordPress multilingual translation plugin that allows you to create multilingual websites … Read more

Rank Math Plugin – Best SEO plugin for WordPress in 2023

Rank Math Plugin

There are several WordPress plugins available for search engine optimization. Yoast is the most popular one, currently installed on over 5 million websites. But many other alternatives also work great for SEO, and the Rank Math plugin is one of these. Rank Math is the SEO plugin for WordPress that makes it easy for users … Read more

WPML WordPress Plugin – What Need To Know?

Plugin is the application designed to enhance the performance of the original program or software. In the same analogy, the WPML WordPress plugin is designed to enhance the usefulness and functionalities of WordPress CMS. It adds substantially to the functionality of the basic in-built features by the addition of new features. WPML plugin enables WordPress … Read more

[Top 5] Pattern Background For Websites

pow boom theme

Introduction The pattern backgrounds for the website are the most useful resource, and it fills the background with a full-blown image. Patterns are used as a supporting element and without them; the website designs won’t look finished. Patterns come in simple stipes or polka dots, and the complication patterns include the complex combination of images … Read more

[2020 Guide] Loco Translate Plugin – Easy WordPress Website Translation

loco translate logo

Summary: Use Loco Translate Plugin to translate all the contents of your website into your preferred language. Read the article to know about its installation, setup, and easy user interface.   The most common problem WordPress Administrators face often is translating their websites to other languages. The platforms need to offer users 2 languages (at … Read more